And so it began….

So this is the first blog post. This is where we will post updates so its probably a good idea to check this regularly, at some point soon I should get an RSS feed set up so you don’t have to check this, but well… launching the competition has been a bit more of a priority as of late. So RSS feed is COMING SOON to a website near you 😀 

On the 25th of November 2017 we launched RoboCon! we did it! It was a successful launch, even though we were still working even the night before. It took a lot of people a lot of hours to get there but we did it. Now all that needs doing is running the robotics competition. How hard can that be?

The task was outlined to the teams in the presentation and is explained in detail in the rules. In essence the task is to build an autonomous robot that goes around to collect cubes, with libkoki markers on them. If the robot is controlling a cube then it scores a point. If the robot is able to bring the cubes back to its starting area then it gets two points per cube. If it is able to put it in the bucket in its starting area it gets five points per cube. 

We are excited to see the designs people come up with to solve this task and we hope to see you at the competition, if you have any problems please use the forums….