Working Around Christmas

We’ve found several issues in the kits since we handed them out, and we’re now working on an update to resolve them. This post is a quick update to let you know what issues we’re aware of, and to point out some workarounds you can use until then – we’re hoping to release the update soon after the Christmas holidays.

Major issues

  1. The first time code is uploaded to the robot after booting, the code won’t run immediately, with a message saying “Your code seems to have crashed, not starting it.” Workaround: upload the code again, or reboot the robot each time you upload code to it, before you run it.
  2. The physical start button doesn’t work. Workaround: use the start button in the web interface.
  3. Code uploaded after running other code sometimes stops running before the timer ends without an error message. Workaround: reboot the robot before running code, or make sure to press the stop button before uploading new code.
  4. Output from your code is slow to appear in the web interface. Workaround: refresh the webpage to update the output.

Minor issues

  1. There’s a misleading message when in debug mode that says the robot has stopped when it hasn’t.
  2. Attempting to access a ThunderBorg that doesn’t exist doesn’t raise an error. Workaround: check the logs printed when your code imports the sr.robot module to make sure that the ThunderBorg is connected.

We’re hoping that all these issues will be fixed by the update. In addition, we’re planning to make some changes to the camera, which should hopefully make it much faster and more accurate.