Kit List

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1 x 12L Really Useful Box:



1 x Raspberry Pi 3 + SD card

1 x Raspberry Pi Camera

1 x PiBorg Thunderboard motor drive board:

1 x  BlackJack board

Custom designed power and interface board,

·         4 x GPIO,

·         4 x servo PWM,

·         12 V

Power and start switches:

·         Battery lead with in-line (10A) fuse

·         red switch, black connector: ON/OFF (latching)

·         black switch, green connector: Start (momentary)

Enclosure: 3-d printed custom housing for the electronics



2 x 12 V LiPo battery:

1 x Turnigy E3 Compact 2S/3S Lipo Charger:

1 x charger lead (U.S.)

1 x Lithium Polymer Charge Pack:


Tablet Computer:

Windows operating system, paired with electronics for programming and wifi download



Last Updated On November 24, 2017