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Welcome To Python

All robots in this competition are programmed in Python 2.7.

For this competition, we are using Python 2.7 due to incompatible libraries with the new version Python 3. Please make sure the Python 2 interpreter is installed on your computers.


There are a number of tutorials out there which might help you to learn to program in Python:

  • Our tutorial, called Python: A whirlwind tour. This was written especially for HR Robocon competitors, and explains the basics while trying not to overwhelm you.
  • The Official Tutorial – the good stuff starts at chapter 3, but you should at least skim the stuff before it; there is a lot there and it may be a little overwhelming.
  • A number of tutorials for beginners are linked to from hereByte of Python seems like a good one.
  • A number of tutorials for people that have programmed before are linked to from here.Dive Into Python is a good book for people that have programmed before, but it is a fairly long read.
Last Updated On November 20, 2017