Everything will work someday

It has been two weeks now from the competition and we are grinding our way through our list of known issues. However, there might other issues that we are not aware of for this purpose we have added the issue/bug/feature tracking section to this website. If you find an issue, want a feature (that’s not SSH unless you have a real reason) submit a request over there. We will try and keep track of what is over there.

In other news the markers on the website are now the correct markers so you may have to re-download the markers if you downloaded them before the 9/12/17. We have solved an interesting question in the rules about what counts as controlling.

We are working on resolving an issue on the first code upload (see issue tracker for more detail). We are currently in the process of writing a patch to distribute to schools. You will be able to upload this patch over the web interface:


Made the start button work
Improvements to the web-interface (Hopefully)

Possibly improve processing time of vision ( fingers crossed)

While True loops now run forever
Code works on first upload.

So keep watching for when this update comes.