Health and Safety

As the competition is approaching, we would like to remind everyone of the regulations concerning keeping your robot (and you) safe during the competition. Not everything that’s acceptable during development will be acceptable during the competition, so make sure your robot won’t be disqualified before it’s even entered the arena!

The power switch must be easily accessible at all times – including throughout the game. This is for everyone’s safety, especially your robot’s.
A good place to put the switch is on top of your robot, so that if it spins wildly it can be pressed easily, though fixing it in place in any mostly accessible location is fine.

It must not be possible to injure oneself on the robot. This will be tested using a Frankfurter sausage to simulate a finger. For example, high-speed rotating parts that could cause injury must be suitably shielded.
It’d be a good idea to soften any sharp edges your robot has, since if the robot starts moving very fast out of control, a pointy edge can hurt.

The lithium-ion polymer batteries provided in the kit must be shielded from mechanical and thermal harm. This includes mechanical protection from accidental impact with other robots. Teams found to be in violation of this rule will have their batteries confiscated until they have demonstrably rectified the identified issues.
An exposed battery won’t pass inspection on the day – ensure your battery has some kind of box around it so that if another robot hits it at full speed, there’s no risk of the battery being punctured.