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  • Thank you everyone who came to RoboCon 2018 and made it the success it was!

    In the next few days I will upload all of the photos taken and post a link here so that you can read it but for now click here to see […]

  • Just as a reminder for when the competition times are:
    10:30 → 11:00   Registration
    11:00 → 12:00   Practice, using two arenas
    12:00 → 13:00   Lunch (and practice)
    13:00 […]

  • Our robot sucks. In fact it sucks too much. The card on which the competition cubes are printed on makes a very good seal and so our robot can’t drop cubes. We thought that we should let all the teams know this […]

  • Does your code support the start button. We have allowed you to perform initialization functions before the start button is pressed, you then when you want to wait for the start button in your code […]

  • Yes applying update V2 does everything. We removed update V1 from the site so people didn’t apply update V2 and then V1 which would break stuff.

    Really sorry for the confusion.


  • There will be people there on Saturday as normal, I think it should be possible get a 40 pin cable out of the brain box for you to do whatever you want.

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    Good news: We now have the trophies.

    Important news: The competition is only 24 days away….

  • It is indeed possible and was a feature added in the update V2, see the original blog post.
    Make sure you are running the update. Then call R.see with a valid resolution argument e.g.

    from sr.robot import […]

  • As the competition is approaching, we would like to remind everyone of the regulations concerning keeping your robot (and you) safe during the competition. Not everything that’s acceptable during development will […]

  • I saw this, this morning and have forwarded it to Mr Munns (who designed the board) but forgot to reply here to let you know we have seen this. We should be able to sort this out tomorrow any time after 10:00 (hopefully).

  • It should also be noted that the PWM order is the same as GPIO.

  • Your pin out above is correct. PWM motors should be plugged ground up (towards the camera). For more details see this http://hr-robocon.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Kickoff.pdf on the slide titled “PWM outputs for Servos”.

  • Last Saturday we had our Bring Your Robot to Work Day with four teams sending representatives to work on their robot here and receive help with problems, and we would like to say thank you to everyone who turned […]

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    This is a minor update, issued to fix an issue with the revised vision code provided as part of update 1.

    Today, we discovered that there is a bug in update 1 where calling Robot.see() without an […]

  • Our team has been working diligently to push an update to the brain box. It contains the much-needed camera and stability improvements. Huge thanks to the entire RoboCon team for testing the update. […]

  • Clarifications
    People have asked questions about how exactly the rules will be interpreted and so we have made some clarifications, now released in the 2nd Version. The changes are as follows:

    Old […]

  • It is possible to break the camera out. Come along to Hills, the S-block (the building where we had the launch event) on any Saturday 10:00-16:00 and we will be happy to do it for you. Alternatively come along to […]

  • A few schools have reported brainboxes not turning on. On examination we have found that the power board in the brain box has been blown up due to the battery being able to be plugged in backwards. This is meant […]

  • During testing we have found that the PWM outputs (servo outputs) initialise to 100% (forward). This means if you use an external motor controller then it will run at full speed until your code tells it to stop. […]

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