This is a minor update, issued to fix an issue with the revised vision code provided as part of update 1.

    Today, we discovered that there is a bug in update 1 where calling Robot.see() without an explicit […]

  • Our team has been working diligently to push an update to the brain box. It contains the much-needed camera and stability improvements. Huge thanks to the entire RoboCon team for testing the update. […]

  • Edwin wrote a new post, Rules updates 2 weeks ago

    People have asked questions about how exactly the rules will be interpreted and so we have made some clarifications, now released in the 2nd Version. The changes are as follows:

    Old […]

  • It is possible to break the camera out. Come along to Hills, the S-block (the building where we had the launch event) on any Saturday 10:00-16:00 and we will be happy to do it for you. Alternatively come along to […]

  • A few schools have reported brainboxes not turning on. On examination we have found that the power board in the brain box has been blown up due to the battery being able to be plugged in backwards. This is meant […]

  • During testing we have found that the PWM outputs (servo outputs) initialise to 100% (forward). This means if you use an external motor controller then it will run at full speed until your code tells it to stop. […]

  • Hello,

    The code should work. Indeed running it on launch day did work and we have since gone on to do many things with the code. However there are many know issues and we are working to fix them and d […]

  • It has been two weeks now from the competition and we are grinding our way through our list of known issues. However, there might other issues that we are not aware of for this purpose we have added the […]

  • Short anwser is yes it should all work fine.

    Longer anwser is one that Josh is going to type when he gets home, hopefully.

  • So it turns out WordPress already has generated a RSS feed for this blog : D

    So to see it use http://hr-robocon.org/feed with an RSS client of your choice. This will give you notifications whenever there is a n […]

  • A robot is said to be controlling the cube if it is touching it but does it count if the robot is touching a cube which is touching a cube? Does that second cube that the robot isn’t touching but can control […]

  • So this is the first blog post. This is where we will post updates so its probably a good idea to check this regularly, at some point soon I should get an RSS feed set up so you don’t have to check this, but […]

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  • I have done this so many times now. 90% of the time it is because the power switch isn’t in. Check that and you’ve probably got it solved if not post the question with more detail and I will try my best to help.


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