Tommy Poll

  • Edit: The power button still doesn’t function, in the way described above, but the brain box functions perfectly when on. Upon turning it off, however, the wifi network disappears and everything else appears to […]

  • Smoke.

    I didn’t think I would ever end up having to write something like that but it’s an accurate summary of what happened. I’ll start from the beginning:

    The Thursday after the Tech Day I unscrewed the […]

  • I saw a photo and deduced this:

  • What are the pinouts of the connectors on the brain board? The main reason I’m asking this is because I took the wires out of the power connector to push them in deeper, but I can’t remember which way round they […]

  • Is it possible to have the camera ‘broken out’, so to speak, of the brain box by taking it to Hills? I want to be able to position the camera in tight spaces that are significantly easier to reach with the camera […]

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