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Is it possible to have the camera ‘broken out’, so to speak, of the brain box by taking it to Hills? I want to be able to position the camera in tight spaces that are significantly easier to reach with the camera alone than by having to affix the entire brain box there.

(Also: between what hours on which Saturdays could we go for the firmware update, or other legal brain box modification requests?)


Teams are allowed to use an external Pi camera (version 2.1). You must supply your own camera and extension lead for this. The camera we supply is permanently mounted inside the BrainBox and should not be moved.

Remember, the next Tech Day will be on Saturday February 24th at Hills Road and we will be happy to open up your BrainBox so that we can make the modifications.

Teams should no open the BrainBox.


The update Edwin mentioned is the software update for the Pi, which will be a file that you upload to the brain box – we’re hoping to have that released ASAP.

If you meant the update to correct an issue with the PWM outputs, we can do that at the same time as breaking out the camera (unfortunately it’s not possible for you to apply that patch yourself).


It is possible to break the camera out. Come along to Hills, the S-block (the building where we had the launch event) on any Saturday 10:00-16:00 and we will be happy to do it for you. Alternatively come along to the techday that we will be holding on the 24th of February where we will spend the day helping schools, and you can show off your progress.

The update will be sent out in the form of a python file or zip which you will be able to upload to the brain box and run like you would normal code. This will be realised in email and be downloadable from the site.

Hope this helps


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