Libkoki Codes- have size LUT and camera focal length LUT tables been updated

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Have they been updated from the SR code, as the marker sizes are now different and the camera is different, or is this something that will need to be changed manually, and if so, would it be possible to get the logon credentials for the pi, as it’d be easier to change the code that is directly on the pi than do it for the competition code.


Short anwser is yes it should all work fine.

Longer anwser is one that Josh is going to type when he gets home, hopefully.


Yep, the marker sizes have been updated, as has the camera focal length, so you should be getting reasonably accurate measurements from the camera (hopefully to within a couple of centimetres).

Do note that the focal length has only been calibrated for the default resolution of 1920×1080 – if for some reason you were to decrease that resolution, then an estimated focal length based on the properties of the camera will be used, which is significantly less accurate (error of at least 20% in our tests). In addition, increasing the resolution is not currently supported, and will crash when you call Robot.see() – if you’d like to experiment with increasing the resolution, tell us, and we can point out some problems you might encounter and ways around them.

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