Smoke billowing from brain box [Solved]

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I didn’t think I would ever end up having to write something like that but it’s an accurate summary of what happened. I’ll start from the beginning:

The Thursday after the Tech Day I unscrewed the connector from the cable with the fuse to push the wires in further, because there was too much exposed copper for my liking as a result of it being plugged in and unplugged repeatedly. In doing so, however, I forgot which way round they went. I think at some point I may have plugged it in with the wrong polarity (that was what the previous question was about). The robot seemed fine, however. I assembled the robot and stored it in the cupboard. The next week I took out the robot again and tried turning it on, only to realise that the fuse had blown. Today (the 8th) I replaced the fuse with an identical copy and tried powering on the robot again (with correct polarity). Instead of normal operation, smoke started coming out of the power board, roughly where the socket for the power switch was. I hastily turned off the brain box and removed it from the robot, since I thought that there might be a voltage across some of the screws. I turned on the brain box again with a freshly charged battery and the RGB led went green-red-blue-red and stayed red, instead of eventually turning white like it should normally do. The wifi network was there, but no power came out of the 12V output socket. I should also add that the power button was non-functional, in that the robot will turn on as soon as the battery is connected and pressing the button to turn it on occasionally makes the led turn orange. Does anyone know what has gone wrong? Stefan kindly said that he would come into Cambridge on the 10th.


I saw this, this morning and have forwarded it to Mr Munns (who designed the board) but forgot to reply here to let you know we have seen this. We should be able to sort this out tomorrow any time after 10:00 (hopefully).


Edit: The power button still doesn’t function, in the way described above, but the brain box functions perfectly when on. Upon turning it off, however, the wifi network disappears and everything else appears to remain on. Removing the battery is the only way to turn things off, and even without the switch plugged in, the thunderborg led starts in a red state.

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