What are the capabilities of the Raspberry Pi camera? [Solved]

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How far can the Pi detect markers and how fast can it recognise tokens?


When testing ourselves, we were impressed by the Raspberry Pi camera. It was able to detect the 10cm x 10cm x 10 cm token from around ~5-6m away ( arena is 6m x 6m).

However, there are few things to consider:

  1. The field of view of the camera is not as expected. Take a phone and open the camera app, place it where the Pi camera is located and look at your camera screen. When placing your hands in front , you should have noticed it has a narrow field of view. The same concept applies with the Pi camera. This is just something to bear in mind, in our testing, it doesn’t appear to be a hinderance.
  2. Processing time – there are two stages of delay. It takes roughly 0.5 seconds to take an image with the Pi and then another 0.4 seconds to process the image using the vision library. Again, this doesn’t appear to be a hinderance within our testing, however, we are looking to roll out a patch (no guarantee) which will greatly improve the pi camera’s response time.

In conclusion, the raspberry pi camera is very capable!

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