What counts as controlling? [Solved]

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A robot is said to be controlling the cube if it is touching it but does it count if the robot is touching a cube which is touching a cube? Does that second cube that the robot isn’t touching but can control count? Does a robot pushing a chain of cubes 10 in length count?


From the rules:

A robot will be considered to be controlling a token if it is touching a robot or contained within the robot. The Judge’s decision is final.

In other words, if the token is “within” the robot, as determined by The Judge, it does not need to be touching the robot directly. Additionally, there is likely going to be leeway for cases where the cube is obviously under the robots control (such as if you somehow manage to stack cubes on top of your robot).

For reference, I have rendered a simulation of the event using cutting edge modelling technology, to illustrate what does and does not count.


The rules have been updated to give a more complete explanation of what constitutes ‘controlling’. There has been a message on the Blogs.

The changes should largely reflect the reply above, but the version in the rules is definitive and will be applied by the judges at the competition.

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