Will performing Update V2 automatically perform Update V1?

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Our team has not yet performed Update V1.

On the Update V1 blog post, I can’t find a download link – only a link to Update V2.

Will performing Update V2 also make the changes that Update V1 made?

Thanks, Charlie – Collyer’s


We haven’t done that – thanks, we’ll give it a go!


Does your code support the start button. We have allowed you to perform initialization functions before the start button is pressed, you then when you want to wait for the start button in your code use:


Which will wait for the start button.


We applied the update and the start button still doesn’t seem to work.

We’ve tried running the code in both development and competition modes but this was to no avail.

Any ideas? Will the start button only work in certain circumstances?

(The digital start button on the code Shepherd still works fine)


Yes applying update V2 does everything. We removed update V1 from the site so people didn’t apply update V2 and then V1 which would break stuff.

Really sorry for the confusion.


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