Update V2


Download the latest update here 

This is a minor update, issued to fix an issue with the revised vision code provided as part of update 1.

Today, we discovered that there is a bug in update 1 where calling Robot.see() without an explicit resolution (via the res parameter) causes the code to crash. This is because the default resolution of 1920×1080 is no longer valid (some changes were made to the image-capturing pipeline in the update, which changed the set of acceptable resolutions, and the default resolution was not updated in the process). We apologise for this issue; it should have been picked up in our testing ,and was not.
We have now fixed the issue by correcting the default resolution, and a new update (update 2) is now available to download. Update 1 is not required in order to install this update; all changes from update 1 are also included in update 2.

We also realised that we have not made readily available the supported resolutions for the camera, so to remedy this, here is a list of all available resolutions as of update 2:


The default resolution is now 640×480. We have found that this works acceptably for our robot; you may want to experiment with using the other values.


-RoboCon  team