Hills Road RoboCon is an autonomous robotics competition for Sixth Form and year 11. It provides a
project for students that isn’t judged academically, there is no “right” solution; just solutions that
work better, but they all have problems. This makes it more real world.


An easy to understand guide to developing your own autonomous robot.

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The Images from the competion are now up!

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Our Sponsors

Read about our sponsors who have helped in making this competition a reality.
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The Competition is for years 11/12/13 and is centred around building autonomous robots to
seek and collect as many cubes as possible in 3 minutes. For more information see the rules.


We will lend you a  robotics kit, free of charge, no strings attached. The kit will
contain a Raspberry Pi 3, Power Board, Motor control board, lithium batteries and much
more! This will help power the creations of our contestants and give plenty of
flexibility to test unique design choices.



We want every team to be a success and so we will support every team the best we can. It
can be a daunting task when trying to figure out how to get things done. Fear not as we
have developed an impressive knowledge base (docs) in addition to a lively community
centred around the Q&A forums. We at Hills Road will also provide mentoring to
assist in times of need.