LiPo Battery

Back to docs Take a battery charging unit, and plug it into the wall. Connect the battery cable to the charger, ensuring that the following safety protocols are met:

The battery is within a specialised lithium polymer battery bag.

The charger is in a well ventilated space – NOT within the same bag as the battery.

The temperature of the room and inside the bag is at an average room temperature.

Do not charge with a broken cable.

Do not leave the charger unattended, and make sure neither the charger or the battery is on a flammable surface.

If a fire breaks out, it’s best not to try to reduce its effects through traditional methods (water). Lithium fires generally need to burn out themselves, as it’s difficult and unsafe to put them out yourself.

Brain Box

This is the core of the kit that we have given you. It contains:

Things to note

  • The box will not turn on if it is powered by a voltage of less than 11V and will turn off automatically if the voltage is less than 9V. This means that if you power cycle it with a battery which is almost out it may not turn back on.
  • The fuse in the power lead may blow. If it does work out why it blew rather than just replacing it otherwise it will just blow again.
  • Image processing takes about a second (as of 5/1/18) you will need to account for this as the image the robot receives will be about a second behind. At the moment running an image process will stop your code running for a second.

Expanding functionality



  • Almost any connector that you have access to you are allowed to expand the functionality of the box using. However beware of using the micro-usb port for powering the pi as this can cause some issues with back powering voltage regulators. This is the only connector that we do not want you to use.
  • We are aware that some teams would like to use SSH. Which we do not allow at the moment as it gives you the ability to break stuff beyond the point of us being able to help you remotely. If however you can think of a good reason why it would be beneficial to you then please contact us.
  • Expansion through I2C is allowed however you will need to ask us first as the box design prevents access to the header. Upon request we will modify the box to allow you to access the header. DO NOT ATTEMPT THIS YOURSELF.
  • If you want to use a different motor board ask us and we will take the thunderborg out and replace it with a ribbon cable for you. You can upload code to it over pifi. Documentation of its ports can be found here.

Any questions contact us.