Patching the Robot

An important part of looking after your robot is making sure its software is up to date. Over time RoboCon may release patches which will allow you to upgrade your robot. Follow the steps bellow to bring your robot upto date.

Steps to Patch

  1. Download the patch from the blog.
  2. Copy the files to a USB stick.
  3. Turn off your robot and plug the usb stick in.
  4. Using the power switch turn the robot on and off again (this may take longer than usual)
  5. Turn on and connect to your robot.
  6. Navigate to the editor http://robot.go/editor by clicking the orange button
  7. Open a project from the left hand side bar.
  8. Check that the patch version is correct in the right hand side bar. If you don't see this, please contact us using the forum.


Your robot will restart as part of the patching process, so you will loose connectivity with it for about half a minute. Your laptop should automatically reconnect to the robot when it turns back on. If you cannot connect to your robot, please contact us using the forum.